Show the community your support of Brentwood
High School's tradition of musical excellence.

We invite you to be part of something exceptional. It’s an opportunity to support our community and our children while promoting awareness of your business. Best of all, we do it while making and sharing music.


With multiple performances each year at home, around Tennessee and around the country, the award-winning Brentwood High School Marching Band positively reflects our community to the thousands who enjoy its shows.


These students learn skills that help them develop into intelligent, creative and successful leaders. The work ethic, teamwork and commitment to a high standard of performance learned in band will carry with them through life.


To make this happen, we need your help. Please consider supporting the Brentwood High School Band with a corporate or business sponsorship. Your tax deductible contribution will help us meet the significant operational and instructional costs for the year, and help ensure the band experience is within financial reach for all students, regardless of financial status.


Each of our sponsorship packages is designed to proudly exhibit our gratitude for your support as visibly as possible to the students, parents and thousands in this and other communities who will see the band this year. All acknowledgements will be displayed now until the end of June for the school year. 

Please take a moment and click here to review our sponsorship options and choose one that is the best fit for you. Your support will make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of Brentwood students, their families, and this community. Thank you.


Please contact the sponsorship coordinator at with questions.

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