The Band Boosters have established a number of programs that students and parents may use to raise funds to apply toward the costs of participating in band. Funds raised through these programs will be applied as a credit to individual student accounts and must be used first to pay the student's Pledge Commitment. Any remaining credit may be used toward optional band trip expenses or to purchase apparel or other items from the online store. Funds raised through these programs may not be refunded or rebated or otherwise converted to cash.

U.S. Flag Service


What is the US Flag Service Fundraiser? Using student sales teams and other means, the band sells one-year subscriptions for $50 for flag installations on five National Holidays. Once a subscription is sold, BHS Band members will place a 3 by 5 ft. American flag on an 7 ft. pole in the customers’ yards from dawn to dusk on each of the five holidays. The holidays included are: Memorial Day (May), Flag Day (June 14), Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day (Sept), and Veterans Day (Nov 11).


You may sign up for a subscription and learn more about the service from the customer's perspective by clicking here.

Students and parents have an opportunity to earn money for their Pledge Commitment accounts in two ways:
1) Sell U.S. Flag Service subscriptions – the amount earned depends on whether the sales were conducted as an individual effort or as part of a band-organized sales campaign. Learn more about opportunities for selling and how this works by contacting one of the program coordinators at
2) Install Flags – Each team earns $75 for setting up and taking down about 35-40 flags on a holiday. Teams can be made up of three people from the same family in which case $75 goes to one Pledge account, or the team can be made up of different students and an adult in which case each team member receives $25 for their designated Pledge account.


Each of these tasks is independent from the other. If you choose to sell you are not required to install at those locations.


To form or join a flag installation team for an upcoming holiday, watch for email announcements calling for volunteers, or contact


Helpful downloadable Flag Service documents:

Installation Instructions & Tips

Selling Tips

Driver Tips

U.S. Flag Code





Corporation for the Advancement of Fine Arts Education, Inc (CAFÉ) is a non-profit organization founded by parents looking for a way to raise additional money to help fund part of their children's band program. CAFE is a membership organization made up of six Williamson County High Schools that raises money by providing staff to work concessions at Nissan Stadium and Bridgestone Arena. Payouts can range from $50 to $100 per event.


Basic CAFE Requirements:

• Pay a membership fee of $20 (fee may be waieved for second year of membership).

• Complete training requirements for Nissan Stadium and/or Bridgestone Arena.

• Abide by all rules of CAFE and of the BHS Band Boosters.

• Familiarize yourself with the contents of the CAFE Member Handbook.

• Work a minimum of four football games and two non-football events during the year.


Student Worker Regulations:

• Students aged 16-17 may work as a runner.

• Students aged 18 by the month of May may complete all training and work as any other adult.

• Students cannot work unless their parent or designated responsible adult is also working.


For complete guidelines, download the CAFE Member Handbook.


To learn more about working CAFÉ to meet your family’s pledge commitment contact BHS Band coordinator Tracy Stowers.



Affiiate Program


The BHS Band Boosters actively solicit cash sponsorships and underwriting as well as donations of goods and services to support the band's operations. You may learn more about the corporate sponsorship program here. The Affiliate Program is an effort to expand this outreach by inviting band family members to utilize their own personal and professional networks to seek sponsorships from businesses and corporations. A percentage of funds raised through this program will be applied to the Pledge Commitment of the student/family responsible for securing the sponsorship. Learn more about this program by clicking here.



City Saver Coupon Books


The Nashville City Saver Coupon book is a great way to earn funds for your band pledge commitment. The books are full of coupons good at more than 400 restaurants, attractions and retail stores in the greater Nashville area. Books sell for $25 and 50 percent of that is credited directly to your pledge commitment. That's $12.50 per book! Last year, students sold 449 books for a total of $5,612.50 earned. Sales ranged from 1 book ($12.50 earned) to 40 books ($500 earned!).


For questions about the City Saver program, contact either Susan Hudson or Lori Campbell.



Fruit Sales


Each fall band members have the opportunity of pre-selling boxes of fresh fruit. We sell oranges, grapefruit, tangelos and a box of all three mixed together. There are also boxes of red or yellow apples available for sale. The percentage of revenue credited directly to student's pledge amount varies depending on what type of box is sold, but the average is typically around 40 percent of the sale. The fruit is delivered to the school to be picked up around the first week in December, just in time for the Holidays.  Everyone loves fresh fruit and these boxes make great gifts! 


You may find the online order form here. For questions about fruit sales, contact coordinator Shirley Guerrero.



Shop with Scrip


This is FREE MONEY if you undertake a little planning. With scrip fundraising, families can easily earn while they shop. Simply use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases, and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost.  Examples: 2.5% rebate for Walmart and Target, 4% for Home Depot, 5% for iTunes, 6% for CVS, 14% for Gap and Old Navy. How much money do you spend every year at these (and hundreds of other) places? One current band family earned $675 in scrip rebates last season! Another family earned $550 just through buying gas at Home Depot and groceries at Whole Foods!

Create your free ShopWithScrip account in just a few easy steps. Ask the Scrip coordinator, Melanie Waltz for your organization’s enrollment code and you’ll be ready to start the simple registration process.  Setting up PrestoPay does take a couple of days so plan ahead!



Kroger Community Rewards


After enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards, all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card to earn cash back credit that can be used for your Pledge Commitment. Users must re-enroll each year and may do so by clicking this link. We are Brentwood Band Boosters #90303. Once enrolled in the program, you will need to visit the Kroger site where you check your quarterly balance, take a screen shot or print your report and send to the treasurer to obtain the credit on your account.


For questions about the Kroger Rewards program, contact coordinator Melanie Waltz.



Kohl's Cards


The Kohl's card is a $50 onetime use gift card that you may use at the store for purchases or to make payments toward your Kohl's credit card.  You will receive 5% ($2.50) rebate for each card you purchase. 


For questions about the Kohl's program, contact coordinator Melanie Waltz.

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