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  • How do I as a parent join the Band Boosters?
    If you have a child participating in the BHS instrumental music program, you are automatically a member of the Band Boosters. Explore some the ways you may become involved by clicking here.
  • How much does it cost to participate in Marching Band (includes Color Guard)?
    There are two components of the cost for Marching Band: the fee charged by Williamson County Schools, and Pledge Commitment. Both are described in separate questions below.
  • What is the Williamson County Schools fee for participating in Marching Band & Color Guard?
    There is a $300 Marching Band fee that is required by Williamson County in order to participate in the marching band program.
  • What is a "Pledge Commitment" and what does it cover (and...what is not covered)?"
    The Boosters and the Band Director determine a yearly budget based on the number of students in the band and the expected expenses. Anticipated operating expenses include band camp expenses, uniforms, staff, office supplies, competition fees, instruments, show design and travel expenses. This total budget required to operate the band program at its current level of excellence, is then divided by the number of participating band students, to determine each band student’s pledge commitment. Each band student is expected to meet his/her pledge commitment either through fundraising or direct donation. Generally, the only expenses that are NOT covered by the pledge commitment are the cost of marching shoes and gloves. These items may be purchased through the BHS Band Office at the beginning of the school year for a nominal fee.
  • Is financial aid available?
    We currently have programs that make it possible for families to cover most, if not all, pledge commitments through fundraising. We do not want financial problems to be an obstacle to students participating in the Marching Band. For students who truly need it, financial assistance is available. Students and families who actively participate in fundraising efforts, but are having difficulty with meeting financial commitments should contact the Band Director who will present it to the Executive Committee. In fairness to all involved, please participate in available fundraising activities before requesting financial aid.
  • Will my child have time to study and get his/her homework done?
    Yes! The students learn very quickly how to manage their time to make sure their homework gets done. Most students' grades are better during marching season because they have a schedule to follow and something to do. Each year the marching band is comprised of Honor students, National Merit Semi-Finalists & Finalists, and students in the top 20% of their class who go on to attend college at some of the most prestigious schools in the country.
  • Do I have to play an instrument or be enrolled in a class to be in Color Guard?
    No! Anyone can try out for the color guard. Tryouts are more of a "try it to see if you like it" camp. Members of the Color Guard are part of the band and also pay a Pledge Commitment amount to participate.
  • What is band camp?
    Band camp provides the foundational bedrock for the marching band season. Brentwood Band's band camp is not an overnight camp. Rather, all members work at BHS for two weeks in mid-July from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Dinner will be provided each day by the Band Parent Association. No student will be permitted to leave campus during these mealtimes. The majority of the Fall Competition Show will be learned here, therefore it is imperative that all members attend.
  • Will the students learn the entire show during band camp?
    No, however these camp sessions are utilized to teach the show musically and visually. They will learn the proper way to march, basic marching rules & meet the entire band. At the first performance the band usually performs 2-3 minutes of what will ultimately be a show three times that long. The show evolves a great deal over the season.
  • Is food provided during band camp?
    During band camp, students will need to have had lunch prior to arriving to camp for the day. Snacks and dinner will be provided each day. Meals always include a hot entree, side dish, fruits & vegetables, and dessert. The menu will be posted in the band room the week prior to band camp. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheese sandwiches are available at every meal for kids who aren't thrilled by the entree. There is always a vegetarian option as well. Students are welcome to bring their own food, but no re-heating facilities are available. Students are not permitted to leave the BHS campus during mealtimes. Gatorade and cold water are available in unlimited quantities. All families will receive a communication in July from the Band Camp Food Coordinator asking for donations of Gatorade and declaration of any dietary restrictions. We will work directly with families to handle special food issues such as gluten intolerance and food allergies.
  • Who writes the show and helps the students learn it?
    The Band Director and Assistant Band Director, along with a specialized staff, write the show and teach it to the students. Many of these staff have worked with the Brentwood Band for years and have competed in marching band circuits such as DCI themselves.
  • What is Winter Guard and do I have to be a band member to participate?
    Winter Guard is like Color Guard without the band. They practice and compete from November through April. You do not have to be a band member to participate in Winter Guard, however, you do have to participate in the fall in Color Guard or in the Marching Band to be eligible to participate in Winter Guard. There will be a separate Pledge Commitment fee for Winter Guard to pay for uniforms, travel, and competition costs. Learn more about Winter Guard here.
  • What is the Winter Drumline? Is this different from the Marching Band?
    Drumline is a winter activity for percussion players. There will be a separate Pledge Commitment fee for Winter Percussion to pay for uniforms, travel, and competition costs. Learn more about Winter Percussion here.
  • BOA, USB, DCI, WGI, SCGC...what are all these acronyms?"
    Don't you hate it when people throw acronyms around in conversation and assume that everyone knows what they refer to? Our most commonly used acronyms refer to different competitive circuits: BOA = Bands of America USB = U.S. Bands DCI = Drum Corps International WGI = Winter Guard International SCGC = Southeastern Color Guard Circuit
  • Is there a place for me to help? How do I get involved?
    Yes! It takes a village (or maybe an army) to run a marching band program! We have several areas where you can help. Our committees include: Apparel, Chaperones, Color Guard, Communications, First Aid, Food Team, Fundraising, Flags, Hospitality, Off site meals, Pit Boss, Props, Uniforms, Winter Guard, & Winter Percussion. View the Booster Roster HERE to find an open position that you can help with!
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