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Our Mission


Enriching the Brentwood High School community through music performance



Our students will be excellent musicians; many will be selected for mid-state, all-state and other honors. A wide variety of ensembles will present quality performances for our community and beyond. Our band parents will provide necessary financial support, advocacy, and encouragement for the band’s development. Our staff will be outstanding role models and present high quality instruction for our students. As an organization, we will expect excellence and will be unrelenting in our quest.


Our students will be outstanding leaders and examples and pass down knowledge and values as they help younger members achieve success. Alumni will recognize the value they received from the band and be supporters of both our program and the cause of music education in general.


Our marching band will perform well at regional marching band contests and will perform in nationally recognized events. We will compete without being obsessed by competition; our motivation will be the satisfaction of a job done well – of giving our personal best every day, whether in performance or rehearsal. We will graciously accept our results and show our respect and appreciation for other bands, because we understand that all of us face the same challenges.


The journey, not the destination, is the prize.

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