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Why join the BHS band? Because it changes lives.

The decision to join the marching band or color guard and commit to all it requires can be a challenge for students, and often for their parents. If you've not experienced marching band before, the activity may hold some mysteries or misconceptions. Here's the truth: There's really nothing like it. Few activities can promise the life-changing positive impact delivered by the BHS band.

What you get from band


You will learn things about music and teamwork that you never imagined


You will become part of a healthy social circle before high school even starts


Band kids look out for each other, and upper classmen mentor new members


Band kids are safe and busy


Band looks GREAT on college applications


You earn a PE credit for participating in marching band

The Facts:

High school band students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools.  We see that band students are averaging 62 points higher on SAT tests, indicating that they are stronger in verbal and math scores than other members of the student body. We also know that band students are students who enjoy a successful high school career, go on to college and become the leaders in our society. There is a definite link between the top achiever academically and the band student. They are one and the same. Music is one of the few academic disciplines that require the student to master skills and apply them in performance. In other words, music involves multiple forms of learning. Band builds positive self-worth.

Common questions from parents

What is the time commitment for marching band?

Many new families are surprised to learn that marching bands do a whole lot more than play at football games! The BHS Marching Band and Color Guard competes locally and regionally against other band programs. Our commitment to excellence necessitates a lot of practice. As is true for all marching band programs, we practice several times a week and most Saturdays during marching season. Marching season begins with band camp for two weeks in mid-July and the season ends around at the end of October/first week of November.


Will Band fit in an aggressive academic schedule?

Absolutely! Many of our students carry aggressive course loads including honors and AP classes, and not only succeed but thrive.


How will the  time commitment affect my student?

Whether your student is in activities, or not, good grades are dependent upon being a good worker. If they are conscientious and organized, band, or any other activity, will not adversely affect their grades. The bands’ schedules have been carefully developed to work with the school’s academic demands. In fact, many of the school’s top scholars are in band. We average two to three times our statistical allotment of members in the top of their graduation class and National Honor Society.


Do I have to try out to be in marching band?

All musicians are admitted into the marching band program.  Try outs are required for Color Guard, however no previous experience is required. 


Is there a cost to participate in marching band?

Marching Band is a fantastic investment in your child's future. Like all other extracurricular activities and sports at BHS, there is a cost to participate in the program and families make a pledge to cover their student’s portion.  The pledge amount changes each year based off the total number of students enrolled. 

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