Permanently display your support for the BHS band

After almost 30 years the Brentwood Band Tower located at the Northeast corner of the football field was replaced in 2015 with a 28 foot open steel frame structure with a 12 ft. wide, cantilevered viewing deck. This new tower will serve the needs of the marching band for many years to come and will be a fitting compliment to the just opened Performing Arts Center.


You may help support the Brentwood High School band by purchasing a commemorative tile or brick to be installed at the base of the band tower on the school campus. These tiles and bricks serve as a fitting tribute to those who helped make the tower a permanent part of Brentwood High School and those students, families, alumni and other donors who support the ongoing success of the band.


There are three levels of participation available. Platinum Patron is for contributions of $1,000 or more. This level comes with a 12” by 12” tile (up to 10 lines and 23 characters per line) placed at the base of the tower, engraved to recognize the student’s graduation year, or company name, and marked as a “Platinum Patron.” Platinum contributors also will be included on a special plaque of appreciation that will be displayed in the Brentwood High School band room. 


Gold Patrons, contributing $250 or more, will receive a 12” by 12“ tile ( up to 10 lines and 23 characters per line) placed along the path leading to the tower, engraved similarly to the Platinum, but without the Platinum designation. Silver Patrons, contributing $125 or more, will have a 4” by 8” brick (up to 3 lines and 18 characters per line) placed along the path leading to the tower, engraved with the student’s name and date of graduation. 


To order your custom tile or brick, please click here to access the online order form. Payment may be made immediately online via credit card or by mailing a check. Please use this form to complete your order regardless of your method of payment. Credit card payments are processed via PayPal which accepts all major credit cards - you do not need a PayPal account to utilize this system.


Please note that tiles and bricks are ordered three times each year to save on processing and shipping fees to ensure your contribution benefits the band as much as possible. There may be up to a four month delay before your tile or brick is delivered and installed. We appreciate your understanding.

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